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Heya! Caught your post in the oversensitive mums threads and wondered if you wanted to be LJ friends? I'm a young mum with two toddlers, bipolar & one husband who pretty much saves the day every day, I find it pretty hard [preggers atm, off meds)! Short version of my life story. That's quite good actually. I don't post religiously.. but I like to share the occasional candid update.. & I'm doing a 365 this year, actually. I like having close, low-maintenance internet friendships. :)
I only know you from the naturalbirth community. I had my baby (3rd VBAC) at home on 1/12 and I've been a bit out of it since then but I've been thinking about you and your story and hoping that things are going well for you. I was just reminded of you tonight when I saw you commenting on something in the breastfeeding community.

Take care,

Hi Laura! Congrats on your baby and VBAC! :) I'm doing well. I just had a weekend of false start labor and we totally thought baby was coming, LOL... but not yet. I love my new provider, I'll be 39 weeks this week, and we're just waiting to meet baby boy whenever he is ready. Thanks for thinking of me! :)
I'm looking for some more people to read and get to know on LJ, we're in the breastfeeding group together so I was wondering if you'd add me.
Sure, added! :)

My journal entries have been all over the place lately - kind of a lot happening and a lot of stress. I swear I am not always this crazy. haha.